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What I Love About Lure Fishing For Bass

I have enjoyed many types of fishing throughout my life as mentioned in a previous post,  but there is something I love about lure fishing for bass particularly.

Why Bass Fishing?

Catching bass is always something I’ve enjoyed. I used to fish the beach or the rocks with my Dad and I’d always rather catch a bass over another species. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be happy whatever the species (except dogfish maybe) but I’d be hoping for a bass.

Even during prime flounder fishing season I’d sneak a few extra ragworm on a hook in hope it would attract a bass.

Bass are fun fish to catch (even more so on light tackle). Despite the population issues surrounding them, they have always been an available catch to me locally. Just maybe not in the numbers that they were in years gone by from what I’m told.

Locallity is important for me because if I can walk or cycle somewhere to catch a fish, I can spend more time fishing. If I can spend more time fishing, the more I can obsess about it.

The Spikey Predator

I love the way bass look in the water. I love watching them in calm conditions. The way they hunt. The way the bigger bass use as little energy as possible to feed up. Often letting the tide bring the food to them.

Armed with spines that can do damage to unsuspecting anglers and huge mouths that can engulf their prey in one swoop, these are proper predators.


I can (and do) obsess about bass fishing in a similar way I used to obsess about racing over 10k. By thinking about it and explaining it in a running sense I can start to unravel where I am with bass fishing.

I’ve raced at most distances between 1500m and the marathon but none of them as well as 10k.

It was always easier to find a fast, high quality 10k over other race distances which meant I’d be more keen to race 10k. Another plus was that I could recover quickly from a 10k, sometimes being able to race every week over that distance. Effectively, I enjoyed the fact I could do it often.

In being within easy travelling distance of bass fishing marks it’s the same thing, I can do it often. I’d love to spend time doing things like wrasse fishing but it’s a little more effort to get to good marks and in my current lifestyle not something I’d be able to regularly do.

For that reason, I don’t.

My obsession with 10k running meant I was able to run at a good level. The parallel to bass fishing is I think to be consistent at catching there needs to be an element of obsession and certainly similar commitment.

I guess I can say I’m a fisherman like I was a runner but I’m a bass angler, just like I was a 10k runner.

A light tackle approach

For me lure fishing is perfect. At short notice I can grab my rod and lures then go fishing. This is important with having a young family. Often that green light can come unexpectedly but often those sessions can be the best.

A short notice session from a couple of years ago where I found a few hungry bass

I love the mobility of lure fishing. The amount of times I’ve been fishing a spot I’d hope to produce and it hasn’t. By travelling light I’ve been able to move on and it’s helped me find the fish.

I don’t have to collect or buy bait, I can just use my lures over and over. For me that’s value for money. Yes, a surface lure may cost me £20+ but I can use it session after session.

These days there are a huge variety of lures you can get. Lures can be put in places that you’d never consider putting bait. Weedless, weightless soft plastics are a game changer for me.

60cm Bass
This bass taken from ultra snaggy ground and extremely close in

Am I missing out?

From time to time I do think I should be looking to see what else I could catch. With lure especially the options are endless. There are plenty of fish that interest me and may one day be a bigger part of my fishing. Wrasse, mullet, flounder, gilthead bream not to mention the lrf fish. There are also the freshwater species such as pike and perch but for now bass is top of my list.

So yes I may be missing out but that’s ok. As I mentioned, I have limited time and that will be the case for the next few years. I’ll look to involve Teddy and Tilly (in a couple of years) in my fishing, this is unlikely to be bass fishing, more something where I can keep them interested. This will take me down a different route and hopefully add some more strings to my bow.

For now though, bass fishing will continue to be ‘me time’.

Goal Setting For Bass Fishing?

Coming straight out of competitive running I have spent years setting goals and I’m quite enjoying not doing that right now. Effectively, I don’t want to take the fun out of bass fishing.

The obvious target would be a double figure bass, but as cool as that would be, I’m not overly fussed. Firstly I prefer to measure them and I try to get a decent bass back quickly. So weighing the fish is more time it is out of the water. Secondly, what happens after that?

Sometimes achieving goals can be flattening once the dust has settled.

Catching bass is fun, I love trying to outwit them. At times I can see them in front of me but I just can’t seem to fool them. Other times I’ll lose one that will grind away at me for weeks. That makes me want to catch them more, it adds to the satisfaction when I do eventually get the better of one.

That is why I love lure fishing for bass!



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