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The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Autumn and winter didn’t really happen on a fishing front for me. A bad back/shoulder (work related) early autumn left me sitting out a lot of opportunities to go fishing.

I did get out a few times but I never really committed and to be honest I lost a bit of interest through the colder months. Lure fishing in the cold is different and the light summer evenings were a thing of the past.

I was intending to target flounder on lures for some of the winter as they are caught in good numbers on bait here from September. I felt a ragworm imitation like the Power Isome worms could work well. I also planned to spend some evenings down the beach for bass but what actually happened was I spent more time running.

To be fair, I really enjoyed running again up until Christmas but that did mean my days off and evenings were taken up. Leaving limited time to get the rod out. 

As much as I have been enjoying running, my body and mind continue to tell me otherwise. The kind of commitment and dedication that is needed to run at a high level is not really of interest for me anymore. 

Light At The End Of The Tunnel – Spring is on the way

This leaves me time to prepare for a spring/summer of bassin’ and maybe a bit of wrassin’. (quote taken from my favourite ever youtube video of the great Ed ‘Rock Hopper’ Schliffke).


Realistically, I’m not expecting much in the way of bass until maybe the middle of April into the start of May. However I’m going to look to get out at least once most weeks from here on in.

The sessions will be short but I want to use them to experiment a little. Be it different lures, different techniques or new locations, the spring is a good time to polish up on a few things.

Moving Forward With The Blog

I set this Lure Adventures blog up last year but I’ve not posted much in that time. I am looking to post weekly from now, talking about the fishing I have done that week (fish or no fish) or something fishing related if I haven’t managed to get out.

This may work, it may not. I did something similar for a stage with my running blog and really enjoyed it. However, having a family alongside a full time job does mean time is limited. Although if I can find time to run 80+ miles a week I’m sure I can find time to spend a couple hours a week fishing and then talk about it.

No Fishing This Week (a good start)

Despite a lovely day on Saturday for my day off (I should have got up and out early) I had already committed to gardening jobs for the day.  

Sunday was all about supporting Sammy down at the Bideford Half Marathon. One of my favourite races to run and a race which I have won on 4 occasions so have a certain attachment to it. 

Luckily Sammy is good at keeping the Antell name on the podium now, so as difficult as it is to not take part, it is nice to enjoy someone else taking the limelight.

3rd place (and a nice photo bomb from me)



Also nice to have a beer in the clubhouse after. 

Anyway, watch this space next week so I can tell you all about how I didn’t catch any bass yet. 







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