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Tackling The Season


With the Bass season starting to get going and catch reports coming in I feel that now is a good time to plan out what I’d like to focus on.

I still have lots to learn about lure fishing for bass and this year I really want to absorb as much information as possible. There will be quite a few blanks I’m sure but my hope is I can pick up a few things along the way that will set me up for the future.

Into The Surf

I’ve been out and got myself a Major Craft Triple Cross 10ft SURF rod so I can spend some early mornings down the beach. 

The majority will be short and sharp sessions as I will need to be home to look after the kids but my hope is that once I learn the beach I am fishing then a couple of hours will be enough.

I’ve watched lots of videos on Striped Bass fishing for some tips and although there is some information available on lure fishing in the surf for the UK, I’d say it’s pretty limited so learning on the go will be important.

Bouncing Soft Plastics

This something I’ve never given much time despite fishing in areas I can do this quite often. The main reason I don’t is because I tend to prefer more stealth like tactics in the weeds which is where I’ve had most of my success. 

I think I drift towards the weeds because it’s a bit more visible. I’m constantly looking for signs of movement and feeding fish. Once I see them I keep an eye on those areas to look for patterns.

It’s on the days when this isn’t working that I need to be prepared to move on. This has been particularly evident in my sessions so far this year. They just haven’t been in the weeds much yet (at least when I’ve been there) so I think trying something different might produce some results.

For the job, I’ve got some Megabass Xlayers and 4 inch Spindle Worms which will I will try with a variety of jig heads. On big tides the current can really rip through so if needed I may look at an Evobass Lance 150 on a cheb rig. Failing that it will be swinging a Evobass Sabre in the current before I switch to something like a Zclaw on top.

Rocking It

I’ve got a very shallow rock mark in mind for the year which tends to have some rolling surf. This is again another area I want to master.

I have a variety of surface plugs and shallow divers in mind but I’ve also got some hope in the Evobass Lance 160 (can you tell I like Evobass lures yet?) among a few other soft plastics if conditions allow.

Red Letter Day

I don’t want to get too hung up on the size of fish or quantities but I feel (from previous experience) it is only a matter of time before I have a session where I hit 5 plus bass. When I say this I mean in the 4lb and up range. There are a few areas I found last year where I know the bass turn up but for whatever reason I haven’t been able to catch too many despite it looking harder not too. 

I’ve done plenty of thinking over the winter as to how I will approach it and I have a few lures in mind but I think one of the key things will be to slow everything right down. 

My theory is that they have so much bait available to them that they can be selective over what they have. This to me means fishing slow, maybe even static for periods. Easier said than done when the excitement starts and you know they are there.

Keep A Diary

I always kept a diary for running which became priceless to help me work out what did and didn’t work with my training so I’m hoping a similar thing for my bass fishing will also be of help.

I’ve recently joined BASS and will be keeping a separate catch diary for them to build a picture of bass numbers in different areas. 

I’ve tried to keep things simple this year. I would also like to have a go for a few other species if I get chance but as it stands most of my sessions will be short and sweet (up to 4 hours max mainly) so this means location needs to be easily accessible for me.

On a whole my main goal for the year is just to learn as much as I can and just enjoy what I’m doing.

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