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Making The Most Of The Weather

With a week of cracking weather I thought it would be rude not to go fishing at least a couple of times.

Rather than just playing around with a few lures, I had a more of a measured approach for Wednesday. With a few ideas in mind of where I might have half a chance of a bass I chose an early start with some fishing in darkness.

On The Deck

I started by bumping a savage gear minnow in a bit of current whilst waiting for a certain point in the tide. Once I felt the time was right I clipped on a white Savage Gear Pulsetail and began to drag it through the weed.

For some reason I opted with a weighted hook. I had decided straight away it wasn’t needed and I planned to change to weightless. Whilst dragging it through on the first cast I felt the lure snag up. Normally I give it a bit of slack first and then the lure usually comes out fine. However for some reason this time I just lifted the rod. Unexpectedly the weed started taking line. My drag was pretty tight for what I’d normally have. Then in a splash, the weed (fish) was off. 

Taking The Positives 

I knew that was probably my one chance of a bass for the day but I wouldn’t say I was disappointed. It wasn’t an accident where and when I put my lure. I decided the night before what I was going to do so I could take some satisfaction out of that.

I’m not saying it was a massive fish but it wasn’t a schooly either. 

For the rest of the session I was now just trying to keep my hands warm. I was bloody freezing. After a few hours and seeing no more signs of life I decided to call it a day and head home.

With the clocks changing on Sunday and other commitments through the day, if I was going to get out it would have to be short and early.

The Mighty Dolive Stick

I started off by putting a Dolive Stick amongst the weeds to no avail. To be honest I arrived a bit later than I planned so probably missed the better point of the tide. 

I do love fishing with a Dolive stick. Although most of my experiences have actually been with the 4.5inch lure I like the 6 inch for a lot of situations.

A Marc Cowling article on the Lure Fishing For Bass website has been very useful in learning to utilise what is a brilliant soft plastic lure.

With so many options on how to work a Dolive stick, it has been a staple in my lure box for a while. 

I finished off by bumping a Savage Gear Minnow in the current but again there was nothing happening.

Keep Plugging Away

So after a promising start to the week I continue to wait for my first bass of the year. I haven’t expected anything yet anyway but I am looking forward to the fishing picking up. I am especially looking forward to some slightly warmer mornings. Although the forecast isn’t looking great on that front.

It’s Not All About Fishing

With Sunday being Mothers Day, Teddy wanted to do something nice for his Mum. We decided to set the kitchen up as a cafe whilst she was out on her run. Making a nice lunch for her return.

On our trip to the shops for ingredients I decided the cafe should have a few beers available. Just to keep the Dads happy.  


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