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Lure Test – Savage Gear Sandeel vs Spindleworm vs Mishna Eel

As promised last week, I took my rod out for a little lure fishing trip. Was I expecting to catch fish? No. Did I still have an urge to go fishing? Yes. So I used this as an opportunity to test out a few lures for a certain situation – Savage Gear Sandeel, Sunslicker Mishna Eel and Megabass Spindleworm.


If You Don’t Go Fishing You Won’t Catch Fish

It’s usually always March (even though I don’t think I’ve ever caught) that I’ve started to go out. I guess that’s down to not fishing much over the winter if at all. When the weather starts to improve my eagerness gets the better of me.

I do find it strange how I’ve fished in March over previous years, considering how busy that month used to be for road races I’d be involved in. Maybe I had been subconsciously trying to find a way to relax between events.

Anyway, The sea temperature is hovering just below 9ºC currently. With the fact I fish mainly the river/estuary which I believe have bass in pretty much all year, I thought, if you don’t go fishing you’ll definitely not catch anything.

Monday was my day off this week and despite everything being against catching a bass, including an easterly wind, I got on my bike and rode to my mark.


Learning Your Lures

Another reason other than a very slim chance of a bass to get out is to learn.

Despite doing this for a few years now and starting to work out some patterns on the areas I fish, I have much much more to learn.

I’m more than happy with how my fishing has gone over the last couple of years. I don’t expect to catch every time and I actually do pretty well to avoid the smaller fish (touch wood).

However, I know I can do better. After speaking to a couple of locals recently I’ve been given food for thought.

I’m finding it interesting how we are doing the same sort of thing but actually slightly differently.

I’ve done pretty well in relatively calm conditions with my best results coming off the top or on weedless weightless soft plastics.

But what about when it’s not quite as calm? My methods do come unstuck a little. To be honest, I haven’t fished ‘proper bass conditions’ enough.

This is where getting a soft plastic down a bit deeper through some fast current could be a new string to my bow.

With a couple of marks in mind for this I rigged up a few soft plastics to see what I like the feel of.


Personal Preference

Lure fishing is all about personal preference. I am no different. I have favourite lures which I guess are favourites based on whether they have caught me fish or not.

This was an opportunity to see how different lures swim in the water. Well, it would help if the water wasn’t actually chocolate brown that though.

I arrived at the mark on Monday, with three lures I wanted to test out for the situation I was looking at. Weedless was a must.

Savage Gear Sandeel V2 Weedless – 15g jig head (total weight – 22g) – Megabass Spindleworm 5 inch – 11g Decoy Violence jig head (total weight 23g) – Sunslicker Mishna Eel – 10g Xorus Texas Power jig head (total weight 17g)


Undoubtedly all three of these lures will catch fish on their day and all three have. I was looking to see what felt easier for the conditions.

Having a strong breeze along with a racing tide in fairly deep water, I had pretty good conditions for the test I wanted to do.


The Result – Savage Gear Sandeel

For this particular location the casting prowess of the Savage Gear Sandeel was king. Also the control I got with the 15g jig head was almost perfect for the conditions. Additionally the fact it gains extra movement via the articulated jig head, I feel it’s a winner for me on this mark. However I’d probably have the next size up as an option for next time. This would undoubtedly help me get a bit deeper when I need to.

Savage Gear Sandeel

The SGSE felt great as a straight retrieve or on a sink and draw. With the added attraction of an internal rattle I was more than convinced I’ll be using this lure when the season kicks off.

Mishna Eel

The Mishna eel casts well and I did like it on the more pointy jig head, cutting through the zipping current. It was actually after having a little walk that I thought of another area that I’m going to prefer to use the Mishna Eel at.

On shallower sandy ground using the actual Sunslicker jig heads rather than weedless ones, I fancy these on a smaller sink and draw. I’ve caught bass before in this area so I’m confident the Mishna Eel will suit this spot. In fact this will suit a couple of areas I fish.


Next we come to the Spindleworm. My preferred way of fishing them is either weedless and weightless or on a weighted hook. For some reason I haven’t really given much time to them on a jig head. The fact they can be fished in so many different ways shows how brilliantly versatile they are as a soft plastic lure.

On the 11g Decoy Violence jig head I’d say it came up a little short on casting. Additionally it didn’t feel as good under those conditions. After some advice on Instagram the other day I am considering adding a 14g Jig head as that may give me what I’m looking for.

Failing that, the Spindleworm will be coming with me whenever I go fishing anyway. Purely based on how much I trust it. Ayu being my favourite colour but I’ve also done well on the wakasagi. White is my new one for this year which is sure to be a winner.


The smaller Spindleworm is of real interest to me this year. Especially early season. On a 2/0 Decoy Violence Jig head in a variety of weights I can pretty much swim that through anything. In a similar way to how I’d fish a weedless weightless 5 inch Spindleworm. I just like the option of a smaller lure.


For the next few weeks I’ll continue to experiment with a few things. There will probably be a few lures I’ll look to add in the near future as I prepare for particular marks. I’m hoping to pop in to High Street Tackle next week for a top up on a couple of bits.

I’m also looking to change the way I carry my lures. I am considering dropping my HPA chest pack in favour of a rucksack or sling bag for certain situations.

It’s Not All About Fishing

Outside of fishing and looking at lures online it’s been a relatively quiet week. We did have a family movie night on Saturday where we rented Sing 2. I enjoyed the first Sing movie but I have to say, this was on a different level. They pulled out all the stops with some cracking music and big names involved. Highly recommended if your looking for a family film.



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