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Keeping The Lows High & The Highs Low


As expected, fishing has been hard work so far this year. I’ve had the odd ‘hit’ from bass but they are few and far between. When the fishing is like this it’s important to keep perspective. Keeping the lows high and the highs low.

One of the dangers of starting to target bass early rather than waiting for them to arrive in numbers is that the effort put in can feel pretty fruitless.

Avoiding Overthinking

I’ve mainly been out in the mornings so it’s been pretty cold and often dark. It’s easy to get disheartened in this situation and start to overthink things.

Are my hooks sharp enough? Is that lure too big? Is that lure too small? Am I presenting the lure in the right way? etc….

The important thing to remember is that the fish will come. Even when the bass are around I’ll have periods when it doesn’t go my way. 

It’s those times where I need to reassure myself that I haven’t become completely useless. All the things that I may overthink and that I need to adjust will be all forgotten once I’m catching bass.

Equally, once I am catching bass, that doesn’t make me a superstar bass angler who has all the answers. I’m not suddenly going to catch a double figure bass every time I go out.

It’s The Journey Not The Destination

I will always have lots to learn and I can’t imagine I’ll ever completely suss out bass.

For me it’s not about catching fish all the time. It’s about learning from the experiences and enjoying the journey. 

The day I don’t need to learn any more about bass is the day I stop fishing for them.

The reason I titled this post as ‘Keeping The Lows High And The Highs Low’ is that I think it’s a statement relevant throughout life, not just fishing. I actually got it from former New Zealand international athlete Rod Dixon and it’s something I always come back to.

A lot of the time people are looking for that big high that will satisfy them. Unfortunately this often doesn’t exist, resulting in big lows. 

The idea with lows high and highs low is keeping a level approach which is much more sustainable and in the sake of fishing much more enjoyable in my opinion. 

It’s a case of accepting that blanks are part of fishing. Your allowed to make mistakes, your allowed to have bad luck just as much as your allowed good luck. 

The journey is the important part as the end product will never fully satisfy you.

It’s Not All About Fishing

I’ve got a bit behind with my plans for blogging but it’s been a pretty busy couple of weeks on the family front. First was two parties in two days for Teddy’s 5th birthday which was great fun. By the time I had recovered from all that excitement it was mine and Sammy’s 8th wedding anniversary followed by Easter weekend which brought even more adventures.


Change Of Scenery

If I can get out over the weekend I may find somewhere different to my usual spots. Possibly looking to try for something other than bass. Last year when I was struggling I took Teddy to Tamar Lakes for the day where we caught loads of skimmer bream and roach.

It was great fun and funnily enough I got into the bass on my very next trip.


2 thoughts on “Keeping The Lows High & The Highs Low”

  1. Really enjoyed this post. Puts my two day camping fishing and blanking last week (Lyn Pennisula) into some sort of perspective.

    Good luck for the season,



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