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Continuing Preparations – Organising And Carrying My Lures


Last week was about continuing my preparations for the coming season. Looking at my lure boxes and deciding what I need to add or stock up on. I also wanted to decide on whether I would change how I carry my lures. 

The grass is always greener

I thought I needed a new way to carry my lures. I know I take too much stuff out with me for what I need, especially for short sessions.

After looking into the idea of a waterproof sling bag I felt I probably wouldn’t be happy with that. Currently I use a HPA chest pack which holds my lures and a few other bits. Anything else goes in my Overboard waterproof dry tube which I can dump anywhere whilst fishing.  

A waterproof sling bag will keep everything dry but It also means I’ll be carrying everything. I want my lures close by so I can change but a lot of the other stuff I don’t need all the time.

For that reason I’ll stick with what I know and trust. That means more money to spend on lures I guess.

Organising the boxes

I’ve got a couple of the long double sided Snowbee lure boxes plus a few other different boxes that I use. I’m playing around with what fits best in each. Effectively I’m trying to organise it so I’ve got two boxes ready to go for the river/estuary, another two for the surf and another two for the rock marks I plan to fish.

There will be some lures that will go in both and some will stay in packets until just before I use them but I want to be near enough ready to go.

I managed a few more hours of fishing on my day off but I’m waiting until the clock changes to see if I can have some evenings out.

Again it was about testing out a few lures in different situations. I’m quite happy with my options for the river/estuary situations but these areas are constantly changing so it’s important to be adaptable.


Sunday afternoon I attended my first B.A.S.S AGM via Zoom. I must say I really enjoyed it and found it very interesting. 

You can tell a lot of effort had gone into the presentations and it was much appreciated from my part. 

I won’t go into too much detail but the afternoon included talks on Save Our Sea Bass, the I-Bass project and from the Devon & Severn IFCA.

Robin Bradley talked about the results from the BASS catch recording system. Something which I was part of last year and plan to continue with this year. This was interesting to see how different areas produce differences in results. Hopefully as this grows the results year on year will provide more and more information on bass stocks in different areas.

The agm then had a talk from Marc Cowling, who talked about how to find bass marks. In my opinion this sort of information is priceless to a bass angler. I already own his first book – ‘The Lure of The Bass’. I need to buy his second book – ‘A Guide’s Perspective’ and have now asked to be on a waiting list for more stock. 

What I like about reading/hearing stuff from Marc is that it’s about the how’s and why’s. I’m sure plenty of anglers (myself included) own ‘the magic lures’ but do we always utilise them well enough?

I had to leave at the start of the Q&A but I felt like I got a lot out of the afternoon and I’m really glad I attended.

It’s Not All About Fishing

Teddy decided he wanted to do his first ever junior Park Run on Sunday. As much as I don’t want to let my running background influence what he or Tilly do, he was pretty keen. It’s a case of following their lead and letting them call the shots.

We got there a bit early and it was far too cold for my liking but Teddy enjoyed it which is the main thing. Tilly, not so much. She was stuck with me watching whilst Teddy and Mummy ran so to say she was furious would be fair.

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  1. Great blog Shaun, and thanks for the BASS mentions. Great that you’re taking part in the catch recording scheme again this year; I’ll send you the spreadsheet and info shortly.

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