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April Summary – What I Have Learnt


I’ve given April a real go to try and catch some bass. Although there was only one bass landed, there has been plenty learnt this month. Particularly on how I will tackle April in future years.  

April can be a tricky month, you don’t quite know what you’re going to get with the weather. When it’s warmer it’s easy for it to feel like it’s summer already and therefore think the fishing will be easier. Then there’s a reality check when it’s cold.

Most of my fishing for April was done early in the morning, so it was pretty cold at times. I have kept the sessions mostly short, targeting specific areas and specific parts of the tide.

The month started in a similar way to March. Not a lot of life around but I’d tend to get the odd ‘hit’ during a session which didn’t result in anything. These ‘hits’ were always when the lure was on the deck, which says all I need to know about how to fish this time of year. Clearly the bass had their heads down looking for crabs. As the month drew on I started to see I bit more life around. 

It wasn’t until the last session of the month that I actually landed a fish. At 39cm I’m sure there will be plenty bigger this year but it was still very welcome. 

Trusting My Gut

I always take a good selection of lures with me but often will wait until I’ve accessed the conditions before choosing a lure.

Due to a lack of rain, the clarity was pretty good for my last April trip out. The Spindleworm in wakasagi jumped out at me. I did chop and change through the morning but it was the wakasagi Spindleworm that seemed to get some attention.

With a strong current I fished it in a couple of ways. Along the bottom, nice and slow making sure I could feel the lure just tap against the mixed ground I was fishing over. I also fished with a big sink and draw which was actually the technique which caught the bass. Taking the lure on the drop.

It’s a technique I haven’t used a massive amount in the past but I love the combination of a Spindleworm paired with a Xorus Texas Power jighead. As we move into the next couple of months I can see that way of fishing to be deadly at a couple of different marks.

What have I done well?

I’ve been persistent. You’ve got to be in it to win it as they say. Although I’ve only ended up with one bass for April, I could easily have ended up with one or two decent sized bass. With a bit of luck. 

I’ve had a good idea of what lures I wanted to use and feel like I’ve set myself up nicely for the summer. Knowing what I want to use and more importantly how I want to present it gives me confidence.

Keeping the sessions short (mostly) has meant my interest has remained. 

Most importantly, I’ve enjoyed my fishing. I’ve not put any pressure on myself to be catching fish and just enjoyed the time out.

What would I do differently?

I’d concentrate on fishing slower. As much as I have tried to keep the lure moving nice and slow, I have probably fished too quickly at times. I put that down to the colder weather and reeling faster to keep warm. With the water temperature still with a long way to climb in April, the bass are less likely to be chasing lures.

I’d probably look to fish the middle part of the day more. As much as I like fishing early in the morning, it’s cold in April. I suspect once the temperature has warmed up, fishing may be a bit more pleasant. I wonder if the bass may be a bit more active as the water temperature warms through the day too.

Something that I’ll look to add from now is a more detailed log of the wheres and whens etc. I’ve tried to do it a couple of times in the past but never committed. It’s something I did with running and the sort of information you can gather can be priceless.

The plan for May

May is where I’ll look to up my commitment some more then continue throughout the summer. Days off work will be built around fishing and where I can I’ll be out in the evenings after work.

I’ve got a week off work coming up so hopefully I’ll be out every day. Maybe even do a morning and evening session if I can.

Knowing I’ve done well this month in previous years, I’m looking forward to seeing what May will bring. 







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